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5 Super Methods To Involve Children In Yoga Practice

If you practice yoga, you will sometimes have to choose whether to spend time with yourself or your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be this way. All you need to do is to encourage them to share their passion with you. As adult yoga students, we know well what the benefits of good practice are. For many of us, the reason we started the practice was to achieve physical balance, stronger muscles, increased flexibility and since then the positive energy flowing from practice has mastered other areas of our lives. We manage stress better, our breathing has improved. We tend to comfort everyone around with a smile. It’s time to smuggle some yoga (and its benefits) into the lives of our children in small and large steps. Here are five ways to do it. 1. Tell a story to greet the sun every morning. After the first morning yawns and a visit to the toilet, try to implement this habit and see how you and your child will feel after a week of this routine. I bet it’s pretty good. Here is the story I tell in weekly activities for toddlers, but you can modify it to suit the…

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