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How to deal with constipation?

Constipation is the most common digestive problem. According to epidemiological studies, this problem affects 20-40% of adults in the world. Constipation, due to its recurrent nature, significantly reduces the quality of life. So how do you counteract constipation? 1. Risk factors for constipation Constipation is defined as less than 3 bowel movements per week, with hard stool consistency . In addition, it is accompanied by the following symptoms: increased pressure and a feeling of incomplete bowel movement. Factors that affect constipation include: female, age over 65, diet low in fiber , irregular nutrition stopping stools, insufficient fluid supply, taking medication (morphine, antihypertensive, diuretic, antifungal, ibuprofen, ranitidine, omeprazole, iron, calcium), mental disorders ( anxiety , depression , stress ), gastrointestinal diseases – intestinal cancers , hypothyroidism , diabetes . In addition, constipation is conducive to climate change during travel and pregnancy. 2. Management of constipation To start with, you need to change your lifestyle. You should eat properly balanced meals at least 3 times a day, use a high-residual diet with a lot of fiber and drink at least 3 liters of water a day. In addition, you should avoid dazzling products, which include: sweets (jelly, creams, halva, cakes, pies), Cocoa,…

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