pine nuts
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Pine nuts – nutritional properties and values

Pine nuts , like other nuts, have numerous properties and nutritional values. However, they are distinguished by a high content of zinc, which has a positive effect on male fertility. This is why pine nuts are considered an aphrodisiac. In addition, scientists argue that pineal should be included in the slimming diet. Check what other pine nuts have properties. Pine nuts are edible seeds of several types of pine – in Europe most often pine, which grows on the northern coast of the Mediterranean, from Spain to Cyprus and on the southern coast of the Black Sea. In Russia, Korea, China and Japan other – usually cheaper – varieties of pine nuts are grown, including from Korean pine. Pine nuts, like other nuts, have many nutritional values and medicinal properties. However, they are distinguished by their content of several nutrients. First of all, pineals are a rich source of vitamin K (34.1 µg / 100 g), which many nuts do not have at all or in small amounts (the exception is cashews, which have the same vitamin K as pineals). In alternative medicine, pine nuts are used to treat dizziness, dry cough, rheumatism and constipation. Vitamin K is responsible for…

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