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Disc herniation: Exercises can often avoid surgery

Back pain is a widespread disease: about every third German suffers from it. In most cases, one-sided loads or lack of movement are the causes. Back pain is only due to illnesses such as herniated discs, vertebral sliding or signs of wear in only 15 percent of cases. Up to 90 percent of back pain disappears within about six weeks. The treatment of back pain has changed a lot over the past few years: While doctors used to focus on rest and protection, nowadays exercise is in the foreground – for example activating physiotherapy, relaxation procedures and muscle training. Tense muscles are loosened, weakened muscles strengthened. The therapy is designed to prevent the pain from becoming chronic. Protection, on the other hand, causes muscle loss and loss of strength, which leads to poor posture and thus leads to even greater pain. Herniated disc: causes and symptoms The intervertebral discs lie like shock absorbers between the vertebral bodies and distribute the pressure evenly over the entire spine. They consist of a fibrous ring made of connective tissue and a gelatin core inside the ring. If the fiber ring becomes brittle and cracked, the gelatinous nucleus can emerge and press the nerve.…

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