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Child development between 6 and 12 months of age

Below are tips on how to monitor the development of a child aged 6 to 12 months, especially in terms of the possibility of autism spectrum disorder. Each small person develops differently and the dynamics of development must be treated individually for each child. However, if you do not observe the child’s specific behavior in the age range we describe, you should begin to pay more attention to these skills and stimulate their development. Remember that if you are worried about your child’s development, ALWAYS consult a specialist. CONTACT DEVELOPMENT Child Behavior: The child makes cheers (“screams” of joy) and laughs. He is happy to have fun, he can express a desire to continue it by making sounds, waving his hands or whining when the attractive fun has ended, It happens that a child expresses his or her preferences by whining, crying or wanting to hug to guardians. The child can already distinguish the caressing and harsh tone of the voice, a gentle and angry expression on his face, and in 11 months you can see how he responds to the message “not allowed” – he should react by stopping activity, delicate immobility, concern, as a rule, look at the…

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