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5 things to know about yoga for children

5 things to know about yoga for children With its relaxing and soothing properties, yoga is the ideal activity to help children release their physical tensions, become aware of their bodies and refocus. It is also a real moment of well-being. Lise Bilien and Elodie Garamond, authors of the book “Zen, child’s play” tell us everything you need to know about yoga for children. YOGA FOR CHILDREN, AN ACTIVITY THAT CAN BE STARTED AT AN EARLY AGE According to Lise Bilien and Elodie Garamond, toddlers can start practicing yoga “from 18 months for children who are most comfortable, agile with their bodies, and able to follow fairly simple instructions. Otherwise, they can start as early as 2 years, as a session of 35/45 minutes per week. This weekly practice will help them improve the quality of their sleep and become aware of their bodies. The important thing is to respect the structure of the course, whatever the duration: breathing, warming up, postures and relaxation. A moment to share with the family On vacation, on weekends or even on weeknights, practicing yoga as a family is ideal for sharing a unique moment through a fun activity. To start, we can introduce…

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