About Us

Kiambu Township Secondary School is a mixed day school in the Heart of Kiambu Town.  It is a public Institution offering the 8-4-4 curriculum.  It has a diversity of other co-curricular and extra-curricula activities like Scouting,Music,Sports, like Football,Volleyball and Handball for more information, visit our different pages to see our staff, departments, clubs and more.

OUR MOTTO        –   Learn to Lead.

VISION  STATEMENT       –  To Be A Fountain Of Quality Education For Excellence And  Leadership In Life.

MISSION STATEMENT      –  To Mobilize Resources At Our Disposal To Promote Quality Education In A Dynamic World.


Kiambu Township Secondary was started in December 1998 by the Church and the Community.  It opened its doors to the first 88 students in January 1999 with
Mrs.S.N. Mungai as the head teacher.  He was later joined by Mr. E.Gatebe as a
B.O.G Science teacher.

It was registered as a public school in the year 2000, as a two streamed school.
Mr.Godffrey Muiruri was posted by the T.S.C as the principal.  He took over from
Mr.E.Gatebe on 7th June 2000.

The school was commissioned on 2nd Novemer 2000 by the Rtd.Rt. Rev.Peter Njenga Kariuki.

The School occupies a 2 acre plot donated by Kiambu Primary  School..
The primary school also donated five classrooms, whereby one room was being used as
a  laboratory.

The school has a population of 420 students – boys and girls.
The School presented the first lot for K.C.S.E in the year 2002 and managed a mean
Score of 3.1186.  The Highest grade scored was a C+.  In the year 2003 the school scored
a mean score of 3.412 and the highest grade was still a C+.  The performance of the
school has been on an upward trend with the students managing to get a mean score of
4.0133 in 2006.  Three students managed to get a “B” grade.

One student has managed to secure a university position but quite a number have gone to middle level colleges.  The school has 17 T.S.C teachers and a Support Staff of 9.

The School has been faced with the challenge of physical facilities due to the increase in number of students.  A variety of courses could not be offered due to lack of facilities, to
Keep up with modern trend in Education, but there is now a modern Science Laboratory.

1.   Most of the students come from poor and average background hence raising fees
is a problem and the bursary allocated is not adequate for the needy cases.
2.   There is also a negative attitude towards the Sciences and especially in Mathematics
and this contributes to poor performance.
3.   Our students lack exposure to modern technology.
4.   There is influence of social-cultural issues, that interfere with students, which inhibit
5.   Drop-outs and failure to be consistently in school due to lack of fees results to
poor performance.


The school boosts of students who have gone for athletics upto the National level in
Year 2007 and year 2009.  The school choir has also gone upto the National level in
Mombasa last year.  The Science Congress team also presented exhibits to the provincial level last year.

The school also emerged the best in Kiambu District in the contest for the Research Club of Kenya.


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3899 Pennsylvania Avenue
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Phone Number: 0845 5277101