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Why Tristhana Is An Important A part of Ashtanga Yoga Follow

Tristhana is a crucial facet of Ashtanga Yoga observe and certainly any sort of yoga observe. The time period tristhana actually means three locations of consideration. The three essential locations that we speak about are: posture, breath and the gaze. The three are practiced collectively and supply for purification of the physique, the nervous system and the thoughts.

Asanas (postures) and vinyasa make up the bodily observe of yoga. These elements give flexibility and energy to the physique and in addition assist to purify it.

To be able to use the asanas appropriately the bandhas or vitality locks have to be utilized. Within the vinyasa observe of ashtanga yoga, the 2 decrease bandhas are those that have to be engaged – that’s mula bandha (root lock) and uddiyana bandha (upward belly lock). The bandhas are additionally helpful for pranayama (breath management methods). They’re described intimately in two specific scriptures – the ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ and ‘Gheranda Samhita’ and have the aim of stopping vitality from escaping from the physique. The bandhas are an essential gateway to the non secular aircraft as a result of once we observe tristhana then we transfer our consciousness from being focussed purely on the bodily aircraft and asanas, to being focussed on breath, gaze and in addition vitality locks. Therefore we open up the non secular energies inside us.

‘Rechaka’ is exhalation of the breath in Sanskrit and ‘Puraka’ is inhalation. In any sort of yoga observe rechaka and puraka needs to be regular, even and in addition of the identical size. Krishna Pattabhi Jois taught that this regular respiratory helps to purify the nervous system. He was referring to the truth that the regular and gradual breath helps with decreasing not simply the respiratory charge, however the coronary heart charge too. This helps carry the nervous system to some extent of steadiness and rest.

Drishti (gaze) is the purpose the place you focus your consideration throughout yoga observe. By being conscious of a selected level, you’ll be able to focus your thoughts to a stillness and convey your self right into a state of meditation which is in the end the main target of yoga observe. The sage Patanjali teaches ‘yoga chitta vritti nirodha’ or that yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the thoughts. Focussing the notice on a single level brings the thoughts to stillness. The Ashtanga system of Yoga teaches 9 drishtis. These are: the nostril, the purpose in between the eyebrows, the navel, the thumb, the palms, the toes, upwards, to the proper and to the left.

The tactic of tristhana permits yogis to develop management of the senses and in addition to develop a deep consciousness of themselves. The yogi turns into extra internalised and strikes in direction of ‘pratyahara’ or sense withdrawal. The yogi additionally turns into conscious of his or her feelings and the interior functionings of the thoughts. By remaining in Trishana throughout the Vinyasa observe of Ashtanga Yoga, the yogi develops steadiness of the physique and steadiness of the thoughts.

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