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5 things to know about yoga for children

yoga for children

5 things to know about yoga for children

With its relaxing and soothing properties, yoga is the ideal activity to help children release their physical tensions, become aware of their bodies and refocus. It is also a real moment of well-being. Lise Bilien and Elodie Garamond, authors of the book “Zen, child’s play” tell us everything you need to know about yoga for children.


According to Lise Bilien and Elodie Garamond, toddlers can start practicing yoga “from 18 months for children who are most comfortable, agile with their bodies, and able to follow fairly simple instructions. Otherwise, they can start as early as 2 years, as a session of 35/45 minutes per week.

yoga for children

This weekly practice will help them improve the quality of their sleep and become aware of their bodies. The important thing is to respect the structure of the course, whatever the duration: breathing, warming up, postures and relaxation.

A moment to share with the family

On vacation, on weekends or even on weeknights, practicing yoga as a family is ideal for sharing a unique moment through a fun activity. To start, we can introduce the cherubim to imitate animals, become aware of their breathing or develop their balance which will help them to calm down or better concentrate.


When the child comes home from school, they may need to evacuate an overflow of energy, stress or anger. Lise Bilien and Elodie Garamond then propose “to exercise a deep breath and to practice toned postures. The ideal is to end the session with a good relaxation so that the child goes beyond the “airlock” after school and succeeds in putting away all the parasitic thoughts … “They continue:”

In the evening at bedtime, one can imagine a mini-session which consists of: breathing, 2 postures and a moment of relaxation with the child already in bed (either the parent reads, or the child listens to a relaxing story with the light off)! There are also short sequences (like a mini moon salutation) that are perfect before bedtime …

An aid to concentration

“Even if the sessions are short at the start, yoga helps the child to focus: on his body, on his breath, which helps improve concentration . Adding the imagination also allows not to “order” calm or concentration, but to bring the child gently and without his knowledge. The imaginary is magic enough to release physical and psychic tensions, beyond the benefits of postural practice. Says Lise Bilien.

A source of fun

Because the key to a successful yoga session for children is fun, it is essential that parents or teachers conduct it with fun activities adapted to the needs of the cherubim. To start, let the child let off steam for a few minutes, within the confines of his carpet. This method will allow him to be more attentive on the following exercises.

Then, we can install a rope on the ground, and make it walk on it, more or less quickly to develop its balance. To end gently, make him practice some breathing exercises, while making faces, can be, for him, a good way to end the experience on a funny note.

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